Mao applauds Siranda, rates him high in the coming EALA 2022 elections

Today, the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hon Norbert Mao (@norbertmao) accompanied his party secretary-general Dr. Gerald Siranda ( @sirandagerald1) as he was nominated for the upcoming East African Legislative Assembly elections. #WhisperEyeNews

Mao who doubles as the President General of the Democratic Party Uganda said that for the time he has worked with Dr. Siranda, he realized he is such a hardworking competent man and thus will not disappoint Uganda when elected a member of EALA.

Mao said that the public should thus ignore the unnecessary noise, especially from the opposition misbehaviors who think they could decide for DP to choose who should hold its flag in the EALA elections adding that such people are drunk with opposing whatever comes their way even when they really know what is right.

Dr. Siranda is in a comfortable position with no pressure after the National Resistance Movement – NRM parliamentary caucus agreed to support him in the polls hence having higher chances of winning since the NRM is numerically powerful in the house.

Dr. Siranda was so instrumental in the cooperation agreement that was signed between DP and the NRM that saw Mao become the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs while Dr. Siranda was assured by Gen Museveni that his party would support him in his efforts to become a member of the EALA parliament.

Voting will take place on the 29th of September in parliament with NRM taking 6 seats, opposition 3 seats, and independents one seat.

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