Top environmentalists, climate activists in Uganda back European Parliament joint motion on EACOP

Top environmentalists and climate activists in Uganda have backed up the European Union Parliament’s joint motion for a resolution on the violation of human rights in Uganda and Tanzania linked to investment in fossil fuels projects passed recently. #Climate #UgandaNews #EACOP #Tanzania

Speaking to Whisper Eye , Green Climate Campaign Africa (GCCA) executive director Mr. Mugerwa Timothy said ” It is surprising that in this day and age when the world is switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy a poor country like Uganda is considering risking its natural life support system with a few dollars”

“I read Hon. Tayebwa’s ( Deputy Speaker of Parliament ) response to EU’s motion and wondered if it was penned by him. None of the words he read belonged to him. It was an absolute copy and paste from African fossil fuels promoters. In the research they call it plagiarism,” says Mr. Mugerwa.

According to Mr. Mugerwa, low developing countries have always argued that the global north developed at the expense of nature they thus lack the moral authority to advise the global South not to invest in fossil fuels.

Mr Mugerwa

“That is simplistic reasoning. Global north admitted and it is making everything possible to phase them out,” Mr. Mugerwa said.

“The Ugandan government is claiming that the West is after Uganda’s oil but who discovered it in the first place? Wasn’t it them in the 1920s? Investing in EACOP doesn’t make economic sense given what Uganda has to inject in compared to the expected revenues. Has the government even ever carried out a feasibility study of it? If so I challenge it to make it public,” he added.

Uganda is among the most vulnerable countries to climate change and one the least prepared to respond to its impacts.

Presently the country is experiencing frequent deadly extreme weather events that are induced by human activities. Deforestation, wetland degradation, and plastic pollution in water bodies have already caused grave danger to the country.

Environmentalists say almost every part of the country has tasted the wrath of the environment. Climate change-induced floods, landslides, and drought are claiming people’s lives which makes EACOP a bigger risk.

Uganda and Africa at large have the potential to be the leading suppliers of renewable energy in the world.

Mr. Mugerwa argues that Uganda can drive the energy transition if authorities make smart investments. “Instead of investing money in EACOP we should be investing in green technology and developing our own renewable energy industry. Uganda is an endowed country gifted by nature that everyone in the world is dying to see”.

He advised President Museveni-led’s government to Invest in the tourism sector which could even earn the country more revenue than the EACOP project moreover in a sustainable manner.

“Everything about Uganda’s oil and EACOP is a mystery. Details of the oil agreements and contracts are scanty, they are known by the first family,” Mr. Mugerwa stated.

“Contracts were awarded before making the environment and social impact assessment. Many environmental defenders and journalists who visit Hoima have been arrested and denied access,” he explained.

He says that the negative effects of EACOP are only going to be felt by the poor and will severely affect children and youth, not President Museveni and the rich.

“Let us support EU parliament for our own good and save our young people and future generations from a climate catastrophe,” Mr. Mugerwa remarked.

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) will be the longest crude oil export pipeline in the world after its completion with 1,443Km from Hoima in Uganda to Tanga in Tanzania producing approximately 34 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

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