The Road Of I Don’t Care, Takes You Safely To The City Of I Wish I Knew – Samuel Obedgiu

Uganda is a country in a conflict that needs immediate resolution. If you read A G G – Pincwa, Institute of social research, 1987. #WhisperEyeNews #Uganda #News

The book he authored “Is there a northern question. In reading the book, you realize the magnitude of ethnicity. There has been a spiral of violence in Uganda. The North and then the south. It worsened in 1966 when Dr. Obote abrogated the constitution and exiled the king. The signatures of pain written across the faces in northern Uganda in two decades of war that many termed genocide, did more havoc.

Acholi sub-region takes more than 68% of Uganda’s poverty and is completely excluded, subjugated, and left to sink deep into moral and institutional alienation. In fact, they used to top the Luo groups, socially, economically, and otherwise but a caricature. They need total soul searching. Remember more than 1.8 million lived in concentration camps for 2 decades in war with wealth and cultures intentionally destroyed.

I am discussing governance and why Ugandans must act now! Governance According to the English dictionary; It’s a system by which an organization is controlled and operates, and the mechanisms by which it and its people are held to account. Ethics, risk management, and compliance are all elements of governance. Of course, there are various definitions of governance. But as for Uganda, we embraced unitary governance given the character and mannerism of our country which has more than 50 tribes.

Unlike in the developed world, most African countries chose strongmen over institutions. In any case, the principles are people focused. But sadly, in Uganda from colonial times our leaders forfeited the same, becoming individualistic, autocratic, tyrannical, and kleptocratic. This makes them gerrymander polity and slowly makes it sectarian, tribal, and ethnic with corruption becoming its soul. This accounts for the underdevelopment of many African countries, a continent inhabited by nearly 1.3 billion people, and with over 35% of the world’s rich natural resources. African countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Kenya, and Mauritania among others adopted good governance. Over years they have caught up with the developed world. Most of their diaspora contribute greatly to their GDP.

I emphasize this as a comparative analysis with Uganda. Most of the African countries I mentioned above except Kenya have got GDP above the $100 billion threshold. Because of great accountability, good governance which are people, not individuals centered. Uganda is grappling as one of the poorest countries in the world. It receives close to a billion dollars yearly from the international community but loses more than USD300 million yearly on corruption, with the worse human rights records in the world and a sham democracy. The only country in the 21st century, where for 36 years of no change, changes one president every 5 years sham election, a country where political opponents both in opposition and government are killed and the hypocritic world watches.

We must reflect and unite to rebuild our country. It’s very important for Ugandans and the world to pause a question. What next? Are we waiting for a Tanzania who helped Uganda get rid of Idd Amin and Arab domination? I think Ugandans must act like the Lamogi took in 1911 and defended their land in Guruguru in Amuru where almost three British colonialists were killed. By the way, our independence didn’t come on a silver plate. Whereas in Kenya they had Mau Mau, and Tanzania Maji Maji; Ugandans were united for freedom and liberty! The moral question is, where has the zeal, courage, and determination gone? That undying patriotism, not the autocratic fear and corruption laced patriotism of the regime now in Uganda.

If it’s to be, it’s up to us Ugandans. The youth, women, security organs, and religious and cultural leaders, are the foundation stones of this country.  Let’s unite and build our country now. Let’s steer away from hoping. Many Ugandans have given up on fate. No one cares, even intellectuals have become intentionally illiterate. Those in owe have become too strong and arrogant that they feel they own Uganda. People are not only living with no hope but fear. If you speak up you are bought or killed. We don’t have opposition and we no longer have a government but a sham.

Every year we get a new measure, after every fake election circle, we build new local oligarchs. Look at parliament when they reach there, whether, in NRM or opposition, they have arrived. Those in the local government are the same. They are bothered about building new houses, and paying their children in the best schools while we keep dreaming and glorifying them. If the opposition is genuine, let’s not waste time on shame, get a way of bringing Ugandans together so we together determine our future.

The civil societies, our cultural and religious leaders, it’s time. Let’s wake up; make proposals for change now. NRM part, the road of I don’t care, takes you safely to the city of I wish I knew. Stop the pretends, and hypocrisy, and demand your party back.  With the MK48, I see President because of your fear and ineptitude is handing Uganda to SFC and Muhoozi. The death that kills a dog blocks its nose! Is our nose blocked? We will regret it. It will be after another four decades when the time will prove us wrong, and history condemns us. I don’t think our brains went on a holiday and we will become mature not at 40 but 100.

In conclusion, I call upon Ugandans to start debating what Uganda we want! It’s not about NRM or opposition but our future. Let’s not give up. An  Acholi proverb says, “ A coward should go back to his/her mothers’  womb.

All is not well but we pretend. The living cost is too much, and corruption and mismanagement of the state. We are leaving in fear, living by chance and dying by design. Everyone has given up and our rulers are busy selling Uganda to the richest bidder.

The sad news is that the leaders we have both in government and opposition have taken Uganda for a ride. Many Ugandans fear talking politics. Recently on international media, Al Jazeera, President Museveni said he is not a servant! Yesterday, like Maria Antoinette of France in the French revolution, he told Ugandans to eat cassava, remember Antoinette told French people to eat cake! When the price of soap has gone to 8000-10.000 shillings, Uganda prime minister Nabanja said, go use pawpaw leaves. The highest level of impunity and arrogance and yet we tolerate it.

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