Whose Uganda Are We In ? – Samuel Obedgiu

Uganda got its independence in 1962. It had over 9 presidents coming through coup de ta, bloodshed. Looking at the 1962 constitution abrogated in 1966, the versatile and great constitution of 1995 being dismembered, with it promulgated by delegates and being abused by a questionable parliament where democracy is questioned leaves a lot to be desired.

Note, the preamble is a very clear warning us from going back to the dirty past, where attainment and keeping power was the art of war, torture, killings, and terror perpetuated by the state. In 1886 NRM under Gen. Museveni came with renewed strategies and gave Ugandans hope of a peaceful, tranquil, united, free of democracy, nationalism, pan-Africanism, and socio-economic transformation.

These qualified the NRM rhetoric of 1986 of ‘fundamental change, earning the name ‘new breed of African leader and Uganda hoped to be a developed nation. Ugandans, I think even a fool knows that Museveni has chosen his son Muhoozi whose name he explained in their Basita clan means revenge!

We must note what the president said on MK48’s birthday. “I am patient with corruption, Muhoozi is not, he will fight corruption!”. I am sure NRM members and ideologues didn’t hear this. To confirm his excitement and owning Uganda, see his Twitter rants. After MK48’s birthday, he wrote, “They were joking with us until they saw how strong we are. Uganda belongs to team MK’.

Uganda should have a meeting with itself, we are seated on a time bomb and so polarized ethnically. Unfortunately, even the great NRM has become a family outfit with no change slogan and all its members live in fear.

President Museveni calls everything his, from the army to wealth. My army, my oil etc. I see his anointed replacement General Muhoozi also calling UPDF my army! Ugandans, the moral question is, whose Uganda are we in? Does being patriotic mean sending your brains for holidays and being loyal to Gen. Museveni? To my friends in the ruling party, it’s not about opposition verses NRM.

To you the believers, it’s written in Luke 12-48 “ But he that knew not and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes, for unto whomsoever much is given, of him, shall be much required”. Yes, JF Kennedy, President of America once said, “ask not what your country must do for you but what you will do for your country. Galatians 3;1. Apostal Paul asked, who bewitched you Galatians, today I ask, who bewitched us Ugandans? Are we different from Ugandans who fought for independence? Are we different from a Ugandan who together with President Museveni went to Tanzania and fought off dictator Idd Amin? RIP VAN WINKLE- American story of a man who slept throughout the revolution after colonialists gave him a beer. It was written by Washington Irving in 1819. Please read, are Ugandan sleeping in the revolution?

In political science, rumors are relative terms. In the early 1980s Acholi, had radio Kabi-fake news or rumors news, today it’s true or fake according to how you decode it. Late president Lukongwa Binaisa once said Kampala is made of 7 hills of lies. Now a question, can’t we see rumors of Basita clan ruling Uganda for 50 years becoming true?

The moral question here is, are Ugandans deaf to truth or don’t read and get information or do they forget so fast? In the alleged meeting chaired by Yoweri Museveni in 1992 at Rwakitura, part of the 50 years plan was education and wealth creation, and security for members. Those were unverified facts.

But the dominating SFC, army, police, and other security agencies are put of verification.
Again the 2013 revelation by Genera Tinyefunza – Sejusa on the Muhoozi project is a testament. Again, we can’t say the death of Generals is related to what Sejusa said that Generals opposed will die because most of them from Mayombo, Aronda, Oketa, Lokech were all organs complication.

But Mk48 birthday and president confirming his fight against corruption, the native of patience qualifies and even a fool paid to be stupid will see. NRM, Ugandans wake up.

Let’s go to a long but soul-searching debate. Intellectuals always emphasize, asking questions about why in any challenge you have. Uganda is entangled in turmoil and needs agent soul searching! There are verified rumors like President Museveni has ruled for 36 years coming to 40 years.

He is preparing his son Muhoozi to take over. In education, a big percentage of the clan are highly educated at the levels of Ph.D. abroad and within. They are the majority in most civil services. They own the productive and nonproductive sectors. Talk of banking, taxation, and mining. Majority control, Police, Army, prisons, PPU, and other security organizations. A few years ago the media published and verified that 100% of District police commanders are from one region.

Finally, I want Ugandans, NRM members, and elites to stop the Muhoozi project. The public display of MK48’s birthday confirmed the Muhoozi project. Will NRM watch? I know many will call to condemn me, but it’s better to stand for our children and grandchildren before they become slaves in the future.

Remember, the road of I don’t care takes you to the city of I wish I knew. I am disappointed in our elites; they have given up. Appeal to UPDF and all Ugandans, to say President Museveni has done a lot and deserves to be the father of the nation and not built Uganda I to run away from himself. He is the father of the nation, sit him down and let him realize we need him.

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