Robert Kabushenga spits fire, says Parliament is a bunch of thieves

Former Executive Director of The New Vision Mr. Robert Kabushenga has no sweet words for Uganda’s law-making house after it stopped the NYEGE NYEGE festival from taking place. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews

According to Kabushenga, the Parliament of Uganda has no difference with the Nyege Nyege festival because the top players in the house use taxpayer’s money to irregularly buy ultra-luxury cars at inflated prices but at the same time, they are denying the taxpayers an opportunity to earn a little money from their hustles.

Kabushenga added that this is in fact a moral Hazzard because Parliament should not forget that what pays them and what they use to spend extravagantly is this very money that the taxpayers fight hard to earn.

A bitter Kabushenga further added that it is by far better to fill Parliament with water to rear crocodiles instead of having Parliamentarians who see everything with negative lenses yet have not passed any bill that directly impacts the economy positively.

“It is common knowledge that @Parliament_Ug is itself a #NyegeNyegeFestival that runs in five-year cycles. And using taxes to irregularly buy ultra-luxury Benzes at inflated prices while denying ordinary folks an opportunity to earn a little money from an event is a moral hazard!” Kabushenga posted on his official Twitter handle.

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