Minister Mao attacks FDC and NUP, calls the former a bunch of hooligans and the latter a sinking boat

New Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hon Nobert Mao has come out to explain why he entered into cooperation agreement with the NRM but not any other party. #WhisperEyeNews

Mao who always uses analogies to air out his perceptions said that when one’s phone is running out of battery, he or she plugs into a power source to charge the phone. He said that the Forum for Democratic Change is a like a power bank that is out of battery thus cannot charge the phone and thus it also needs to be plugged into the power source (NRM) to be charged. He adds that FDC is like a sinking boat made out of clay which no sober person can use to sail across the lake.

For the National Unity Platform Mao said that critical thinkers like him cannot work with misguided angry hooligans who do not listen to opinions of others but rather want to dictate what should be said and done.

He added that NUP is a coalition of elements who main strength is spreading hate, attacking those who disagree with it and blackmailing others.

“When your phone is running out of battery, you plug into a power source. Let me be blunt about this, I wouldn’t plug into FDC” he said

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