Stop Tribalism! “Buganda is not a tribe, it is a nation” , says Bobi Wine

Former Kyadondo East MP Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has come out to attack those that have centred their opinions in promoting tribalism in Uganda.

Last week various online videos were posted on various social media networks mainly tiktock showing various people attacking the Kabaka of Buganda and it’s subjects.

It now clear that Some governht officials including president Museveni at one point has accused Bobi Wine and opposition leaders of tribalism something Bobi Wine has always refuted.

Bobi Wine has today assured whoever should know the history of Buganda.

“Buganda is not a tribe, it is a nation”, said Bobi Wine

Many tribes were united by King Kintu to form Buganda more than 800 years ago and this culture of unity continues to the present day., he added.

That’s why anybody from anywhere who embraces the Ganda culture and values can become a Muganda. The word ‘Buganda’ means different bundles of people. , Bobi Wine continued to state.

He warned many to stop tribalism.

Bobi Wine is the National Unity Platform President, he is married to Barbie Itungo who hails from the President Museveni region.

Tribalism is always an opinionated phrase used by Africans in settling political differences, it led to killings of millions of people across the continent.


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