Explaining Liverpool start to 2022-23 – Adrine Nsubuga Sr

  1. The Sadio Mane crap. Two seasons ago, Everton beat and drew with Liverpool. Mane was on the team.

Two seasons ago, Fulham beat and drew with Liverpool. Mane was on the team.

Two seasons ago, Man United drew twice with Liverpool. Mane was on the team.

In the 6 seasons that Mane was at Liverpool, he never provided more than 6 assists in any season and only once did he score more than 20 league goals. He scored 22 in the 2019/20 season. His second best score was 15 goals. Liverpool never relied on either his goals or his assists. It was Salah always for goals and assists (alongside Trent & Robertson) Mane was the perfect team player.

As we speak, Mane is a Bayern Munich player. Liverpool results have nothing to do with Mane. Mane talk is a lack of knowledge . It can’t be backed by football facts. It’s emotionally driven.

  1. Mo Salah

He is going through the worst run of form infront of goal since he joined Liverpool. He has been our match winner many times over. This is a factor.

  1. Yesterday was typical Merseysise derby which could have gone either way. Everton goalie Pickford MOM for me.
  2. Liverpool were not clinical enough infront of goal. They were clinical against Bournemouth. Clinical is when you convert chances created.
  3. Last season, an in form Liverpool with a full team, chasing 4 trophies LOST to Everton. What is shocking about dropping points to the same teams this season?

What explains Man City’s dropped points?

They are champions. Have started the season in blistering form. Have the world’s most prolific center forward with 10 goals already. Liverpool’s weaknesses are always discussed in light of City’s strengths.

So here is Man City

  1. Drew against Newcastle. Liverpool beat them.
  2. Drew against Aston Villa in 17th position. Arsenal beat them
  3. Have conceded 6 goals
  4. They beat Nottingham forest 6 goals mid-week and then drew against Villa 3 days later.
  5. Have 14 points; same number as Tottenham HotSpurs who no one rates.
  6. If Arsenal win today, City will be 4 points behind.

So where is the crisis at Liverpool?

Analysed in the context of City who everyone thinks are even better than last season, where is City’s perfection? They are level with Spurs , Arsenal are ahead of them.

My conclusion;

Liverpool have started poorly. They have failed to get a rythm because they are not able to play their first team. Regular starters are out coz of injury and as such, every game we try different options to start with. In terms of quality though, the team is slightly better than last season.

My two pence.

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