A group of political activists have come out to express their grief they query on whether National Unity Platform members have a license to abuse members of other political parties while they’re quiet and below its the transcription of their Unified Statement. #WhisperEyeNews

This week when an NRM supporter called Kisa Kyamukama went naked in protest against NUP hooliganism of celebrating the death of Gen Elly Tumwine, NUP supporter’s came out like a swam of bees to attack him while displaying photos of him & Gen Museveni as they demanded an apology from NRM claiming that he did the act on behalf of NRM.

Their argument is that whoever does wrong while putting on yellow does it on behalf of and for NRM. When a UPDF soldier shoots a civilian, they all condemn UPDF for being a brutal force. When a police officer takes a bribe, we say police is corrupt. We reject the argument that a soldier can act on his own but rather promote collective responsibility for all bad acts by Individual officers.

The hypocricy of the NUP leaders is that when one of them abuses, insults, blackmails in a manner worse than what Kisa Kyamukama did, they all praise him. Actually that guy didn’t insult, if it was a school he is in kindergarten while NUP people are professors at insulting.

As the saying goes that what is good for the goose, should be good for the ganda, if UPDF carries the blame for a mistake done by an individual, then NUP should carry the blame for the actions of its supporters, we should apply the same rules.

NUP has a the largest number of social media hooligans who attack & blackmail whoever they disagree with. Others have been extorting money from opposition MPs threatening to blackmail them on social media! NUP actually has a fully fledged internet cafe (call it secretariat) charged with abusing and insulting people. They run hundreds of fake social media accounts that are used as Kyagulanyi attack dogs.

NUP hooligans blackmailed the late Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga that he had put poison in the eucrast wine targeting to kill Bobi Wine. That was the worst insult they could have made to the Catholic church. They went on to demonize the late archbishop and other priests for bearing children which was sacrilegious! These goons have never apologized.

The same NUP people demonstrated in US hospital where Oulanyah was being treated. It’s actually said by the family that it’s these stressful events that deteriorated Oulanyah’s health, one could even say that NUP killed Oulanyah. When he died they kept making cartoons mocking the late Oulanyah asking him why Museveni didn’t save him yet had equated him to Jesus! They went ahead to abuse and attack the learned Chief justice of Uganda Rt Hon Owiny Dollo and made all kinds of insults on him!. These same hypocrites didn’t demonstrate when their own Hon Namboze was flown to USA for treatment on tax payers money.

They attacked Hon Nobert Mao when he joined government, used all kinds of insults against him. Led by Lumbuye they have demonized the first family members including Gen Saleh, Gen Muhozi, first lady, Gen Museveni among others. They have been all-over declaring Gen Saleh dead even when he is alive.

Jakana Naduli recently said the death of Tumwine was “dating”, that the one of Gen Saleh will be “kasiki” while that of Gen Museveni it will be a party & that he has prepared a goat to roast! Can you imagine, this coming from a son of Naduli whose father was given a cabinet ministerial position by Museveni? Don’t remind me of the Obote statement that “a good m*nda is a dead one”, or maybe are they doing this to portray Baganda as bad people, since they haven’t spared anyone including their own Kabaka?

Lumbuye the NUP & Kyagulanyi spokesperson in diaspora has been at forefront of blackmail & insults. He once pronounced the Kabaka dead, with intent to cause a civil conflict & genocide. Lumbuye once said that the Nabageleka sleeps with the Katikiro. Lumbuye has never apologized to Buganda for such blackmail!. Lumbuye said when late Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga died, his body was taken to President’s farm in Kishozi to perform rituals yet we know that his body was at Lubaga Hospital! Lumbuye has never apologized to the Catholic church.

With all those insults, Kyagulanyi & NUP remained silent, neither did they disown or condemn such behavior’s! But to our dismay, when Lumbuye faked an arrest to attract sympathy, Bobi Wine was the first to tweet, declaring him a human rights defender! He also dispatched a team of lawyers led by Hon Muwada Nkunyingyi to defend the purpoted human rights defender! How can you send a lawyer to defend someone you don’t know?

All Kyagulanyi aides like Bobi Young, Patricia Ssewungu, Saudah Madadah, Jakana Naduli and others are the lead blackmailers in Uganda. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a dark, then it must be a duck, how could Kyagulanyi deny responsibility over his aidies’ actions, people he spends 24 hours with? In any case don’t we know that birds of the same feathers fly together?

They abuse others but when challenged they come out like hyenas to attack whoever challenges them. Frank Gashumba has been a victim of their blackmail, I have seen them editing & photoshoping his images turning him into a pig, woman etc, simply because he has exposed their intolerance. If they can act like this when they have guns, what will happen when they take power? And can any way God give power to such hooligans? Gashumba they are fighting is among the pioneer’s of people power, he was among the first people to support Hon Kyagulanyi in Kyadondo East even when people didn’t believe much in him. But when Gashumba attended the birthday of Muhozi, he was abused every kind of abuse on earth, his family members abused and attacked etc. So when you disagree with them, you are a traitor, they will insult, attack and abuse you in every manner.

They abused Dr Besigye calling him a Museveni project yet Besigye started this struggle when they were still eating their mucus! Andrew Mwenda has been attacked as well.

Bobi Wine has introduced & promoted politics of hooliganism as opposed to ideas. There is no body who can win a struggle without fronting ideas and this will delay our struggle for change.

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