In 2019, the National Association of Women’s Organizations in Uganda (NAWOU) commenced the development of a new Strategic Plan (SP) for the period 2020 -2024 and on the 25th of February 2022, it was launched. #WhisperEyeNews

A thorough consultative process was undertaken to develop the Strategic Plan that will focus on strengthening member networks, and partnerships and leveraging technology alongside gender equality, equity, and economic empowerment of women.

Representatives from the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Forum for Women and Development (FOKUS), Equal Opportunities Commission, NAWOU Board members, and partner CSOs like Uganda NGO Forum, CDFU UWOPA, UWONET, NUWODU were all in attendance to witness the launch.

Executive Director NAWOU Monica Emiru Enyou, highlighted the significant importance of the participatory processes used during the development of the Strategic Plan that catered for the principle of “nothing for us without us”, which leaves no one behind during her opening remarks.

In the development of this Strategic Plan the main considerations included the fact that members of the Association are located in all the regions of Uganda, therefore an opportunity for wider and more effective reach; cognisant that the ratio of rural-urban population is about 3:4, with women and girls disadvantaged in various ways,” said Monica Emiru.

Franziska Bertz from GIZ Uganda congratulated the Association on the milestone and looked forward to the SP strengthening the capacities of NAWOU networks through enhancing their meaningful participation in leadership and their realization of their economic, social, cultural, and political rights. She concluded by committing to continuously support the Association under the Civil Society in Uganda Support Programme.

“I urge all the organizations with roots in NAWOU to always acknowledge the role she had to play in their foundation and what they are today,” said Theodora Bitature Webale. “As women’s organizations, we need to learn to lean on one another for support as we strive to be a united body and promote the growth of a strong women’s movement in Uganda. I hope as we implement the SP, we will strengthen our coordination with members as well as build their capacity as we keep in line with government and international mandates that are in line with our work.”

The SP will follow five strategic objectives; Increased access to economic opportunities by women, increased participation of women’s networks in governance, policy, and legislative influencing for gender responsiveness, strengthened capacity of women’s networks to uphold the rights of girls and women, strengthened and sustainable membership engagements and partnerships and improved institutional capacity for effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability.

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