“If you want to die, try to stand in Gen Muhoozi’s political path. We shall send you 6 feet under ground.” Basajjamivule

Veteran journalist turned politician Mr Basajja Mivule Nsolo Nkabwe has come out to dare all those who think can stand in the way to block Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s presidency to try and see what can happen to them. #WhisperEyeNews

Mivule a Gen Muhoozi project promoter said that let any one try to stand in the path of Gen Muhoozi and see how he will be sent 6 feet under ground.

Mivule added that what will happen to the destabilizers will be the same that happened to all those that rioted in November of 2020 who were trying to set the capital city ablaze with aims of over throwing the government through civil disobedience.

“Let’s make a deal. Try to stand in the way of Gen Muhoozi’s political path, we shall send you 6 feet under ground.” He said

“We shall do to you what we did to these political ‘pigs’ that were trying to set the city ablaze.” He added

Mivule added that some of those that were arrested after the November 2020 riots were found with Jerrycans of Petrol while others with 100s of old car tyres that they were to use to burn down Kampala while others had even started manufacturing petrol bombs.

Mivule said some of the criminals were put of action with government having full information of all those that were sponsoring them.

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