Meet Andrew Fimbo Mukasa: 45 League goals in a single season

Meet Andrew Fimbo Mukasa

Andrew Mukasa started his club career with Kampala regional side Puma FC. In 1996, he ended the season with 36 goals with Puma FC .

After signing with SC Villa , Mukasa scored 45 league goals during the 1999 /2000 Nile Special Super league season .A record that still stands todate.

It should have been 49 goals but Idudi FC, against which Mukasa had scored four, withdrew from the league.

Jimmy Kirunda’s record of 32 goals had been unrivalled since 1978 .

He defended his gong with 27 goals the following season

Andrew Mukasa Fimbo Honours

4 League titles, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 (SC Villa)
2 Uganda Cups 1998, 2000 (SC Villa)
League Top scorer 1999, 2000 (SC Villa)
2 East African Hedex Cups (SC Villa and Express)
Ugandan Footballer of the Year (1999).

Source: KsportsUganda

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