“Stop telling lies!!” Nkunyingi trashes govt reports about the purported release of Ugandans from Dubai prisons

Today in the government paper The New Vision, a story was published on how 150 Ugandans had been released from the jails of Dubai. #WhisperEyeNews

However, the Shadow Minister for foreign affairs Hon Nkunyingi Muwada has come out to deprecate the reports calling them misleading and totally false since he is aware of what is taking place in the Dubai prisons where Ugandans are being incarcerated.

According to the National Unity Platform Kyadondo East legislator, over 3000 Ugandan nationals are still detained in Dubai prison of Al AWIL with no hopes of getting out if the government of Uganda does not intervene in the matter to save them.

He adds that the Uganda consulate is only acting out of pressure after the negligence of the government was exposed by him hence deciding to publish a list of only 150 people whose parents in Uganda managed to pay and send return air tickets in the last two weeks.

Nkunyingi says he is very aware this was not an effort of the government but the parents of the detainees adding that the government is still very lazy to act quickly to save her suffering citizens who are still stuck in the prisons of Dubai.

Nkunyingi adds that the prison authorities in Dubai remain willing to let free only those with return air tickets& pass-outs plus passports or emergency travel documents but it pains that the Uganda Government has to date failed to support these detained nationals with the majority being females.

” Thousands of Ugandan nationals are still in Al Awil detention. Disregard the misleading News article possibly being pushed through by the absentee Uganda consular general in Dubai for his own interests without caring what happens to the thousands detained.” Nkunyingi wrote on his official Twitter handle

“The Uganda consulate in Dubai is now fighting with claims that they delivered dome relief to prison which is untrue. The UAE authorities already provide food to the detained. What They need from the Uganda government as per UAE prison authorities are return air tickets and free pass-outs. ” he added

Nkunyingi further added that it is very strange that the alleged and quoted Consul general per the new vision article can be heartless to parade lies that can cost the lives of Uganda nationals in detention who for now need urgent help.

Due to the scarcity of jobs in Uganda, many youths both graduates and less educated take a risk to try their luck out of the country with many heading to the middle east. However, some end up in prison due to a lack of proper documentation while others fail to get jobs immediately after reaching there.

Most of them say they would rather stay on the streets of Dubai to hustle because things are worse back home. But to the incarcerated, they would rather return home other than stay in the jails of Dubai.

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