We shall expose, and defeat the Kabaka Yekka mentality as DP did in the 60s, Nobert Mao to DP disgruntled members

New Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs who also doubles as the President General of the Democratic Party Uganda Hon Norbert Mao has released a strong statement affirming how he will never stop fighting to defeat all those who want to turn DP into a small provincial party serving interests of a small group other than national interests.

Mao says, the ‘squabblers in DP’ are not interested in honest debate about any issue but only trying to blackmail people like him who want to build a National Party.

Mao adds that for decades even before he became DP President, some small sections having the Kabaka Yekka mentality are determined to reduce DP into a provincial party but this won’t happen because he is determined to go to battle with them.

” We have to build a party which is National in character. Those who are bent on dividing the party along lines of parochial interests will be decisively confronted and defeated,” he said

Mao further adds that like wolves in the sheep’s skin, these retrogressive elements come under various guises but will never deceive people like him because he is watching keenly.

” The banner of truth and justice will never be surrendered into the hands of reactionary forces that seek to reduce the party to a small-minded outfit serving narrow interests as opposed to the founding ideals of the party,” he said

Ever since he signed a cooperation agreement with Gen Museveni that saw him become the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, a certain section of DP members has been immersing a lot of pressure on Mao ordering him to step down as DP President something he was vowed not to do.

However Political analysts downplay the motive of disgruntled DP members, most of them had joined other political parties before bouncing back to DP after Mao signed a cooperation agreement.

Norbert Mao has firmly stated that he will never leave the democratic party and DP is now cooperating with the ruling government in working for the transition that must happen something his opponents don’t agree with.

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