Gen Elly Tumwine Death: “It’s only the unwise who can laugh at another person’s death” , says Ernesto Otafire

Son of Minister for Internal Affairs Gen Kahinda Otafiire has come out to express exasperation and dismay from all those that have made Hon. Gen Elly Tumwine – MP death a laughing matter. #WhisperEyeNews

According to Afande Ernesto Otafiire, it is unwise for a mortal to start laughing at another person’s death yet it is just a matter of time for him or her to die too.

He added that in this world, we all make mistakes at different levels and we eventually pay for them thus whoever laughs when others are aggrieved must know that his or her turn will come because no one will ever live on earth for eternity.

“As a mortal, you laugh at another person’s death? We all make mistakes at different levels and eventually pay for them.'” He said

Ernesto who is currently abroad for further studies and military training added that its not right for one to feel too comfortable with a mere residence permit on earth which has existed for 4.5 billion years yet, in the end, we shall over be insignificant as we shall die eventually.

Following the announcement of the death of Gen Tumwine, a certain section of the public who claim to have been harmed and hurt by his actions during his time on earth jubilated saying that it was good he died since he hurt many and was responsible for the death of many Ugandans who don’t support the regime in power.

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