Taiwan shivers as China intensifies military drills with plan of invasion inevitable

Tensions in Taiwan have been soaring in recent days, raising fears of a possible conflict that could break out Vs China. #WhisperEyeNews

Taiwan’s foreign minister accused China of using U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taipei as a pretext for launching large-scale military drills in preparation for an eventual invasion.

Speaking to reporters, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu called Beijing’s military exercises in response to Pelosi’s trip a “serious provocation” and an attempt to overturn the status quo in the sensitive Taiwan Strait.

China has used the drills in its military playbook to prepare for invasion of Taiwan,” Wu said, citing Beijing’s exercises, missile launches, cyberattacks and trade sanctions as “an attempt to weaken public morale in Taiwan.”

“China has threatened Taiwan militarily for years, and it continues to upgrade its efforts,” he said. “This is a fact.” he added

China President claims that Taiwan, a self-governed democracy that has had de facto independence for decades, is an inseparable part of its territory that must be unified with China. In retaliation for Taiwan’s hosting of Pelosi (D-Calif.) last week, the Chinese armed forces (People’s Liberation Army-PLA) commander announced military exercises targeting Taiwan from all directions.

The PLA subsequently fired missiles around Taiwan and sent dozens of military aircraft and warships near the island. It has deployed warships and jets across the midpoint of the Taiwan Strait, the unofficial median line that both sides had largely respected for years until 2020, when Beijing denied the existence of the median line and began crossing it more frequently.

While tensions are at their highest since the last Taiwan Strait crisis in the 1990s, when the PLA fired missiles that landed close to Taiwan, the prospect of military confrontation is almost inevitable this time.

Beijing has signaled some restraint and a desire to avoid direct conflict with the United States. Plans for the drills scheduled for after Pelosi’s departure covered areas within the 12-nautical-mile littoral zone that Taiwan claims as its territorial waters. But Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said Monday that no Chinese military aircraft had yet encroached on the island’s territory.

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