Buganda Must Be Proud Of Katikkiro Mayiga – Denis Mugonza Waggumbulizi

Lawyer and entrepreneur Charles Peter Mayiga, @cpmayiga was appointed as the 5th Katikkiro (Prime Minister) by the reigning Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom, @BugandaOfficial His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, on 12th May 2013 till to date. #WhisperEyeNews

During his maiden speech, Mayiga issued four priorities that he said he would pursue. These included ensuring the integrity of the throne, restoration of the Kasubi Tombs, completion of the Masengere commercial building, and introducing new work ethics.

Masengere commercial building is complete and it’s one of the Kingdom’s financial arms. Then the tombs which are the burial grounds for Buganda’s kings are now under final stages and when they are complete, they shall fetch some money from tourists for Buganda to run the Kingdom’s activities.

Mayiga introduced a new work ethic (Enkola ey’omulembe omujja) and this encompasses innovation, accountability & transparency, and working with passion. Re-organizing Kabaka’s civil service, ensuring that competent people fill different positions, drafting policies and manuals, and other things which include setting up internal audit offices called Kalondoozi.

This has inspired some of us to study hard, be innovative, hard work, and get committed to our work at whatever level of service. With integrity, Mayiga’s administration has tried to popularize Buganda’s culture and heritage within the Kingdom and this has been appreciated even by us the young generation, people within Buganda region, and those who are not Baganda whether locally or internationally today. He does this by using media, literature, and in public gatherings.

However, Mayiga faces a number of critics some of which are Baganda and not. The majority of these are on the payroll to soil Mayiga and Buganda. This is not a surprise because Buganda faces a number of enemies it being the largest Kingdom in Uganda with all its endowments.

Some judge Buganda as if it’s their central government. They so much forget that they are Ugandans as well as taxpayers who elected political leaders to serve them but not Mayiga. What Buganda does is charity work and does not collect taxes.

I would agree with anyone complaining that Buganda or Katikkiro does not speak against abuse of human rights, but often Mayiga condemns inhuman activities and is an advocate of justice unless you want Buganda or Katikkiro to abuse the constitution that stops cultural institutions from engaging in partisan politics.

Interestingly, all this never discourages Mayiga to continue doing his work. He is solid and calculative. As I write this article, he is in the diaspora trying to sell Buganda’s agenda towards growth and development among the Baganda and well-wishers. 

This is the Katikkiro that Buganda must be proud of. The majority of the people in Buganda, as elsewhere across the country, are young people. They must be inspired to get themselves out of poverty. Mayiga has been doing this with Emmwanyi Terimba (grow coffee) campaign but it isn’t enough.

The central government should cooperate with cultural institutions to better livelihoods other than sabotaging the works of Kingdoms for divide and rule. For example, Emyoga, Parish Development Model to mention a few should have been a success if the government engaged Buganda Kingdom and others.

Mayiga should now focus on engaging all Kingdoms in Uganda and political leaders especially, Members of Parliament to pursue the introduction of a federal system of government for Uganda. Federalism doesn’t make Buganda special or superior.

It would simply empower all major regions in the country to govern themselves in a manner they see fit. They would also develop themselves better. A federal status would help Bunyoro manage its affairs better including receiving a percentage of oil revenue. The Banyoro know what is better for them and their regions would develop much more than it is at the moment. However, also development would stop being concentrated in Buganda as it is today.

Mayiga should remind all regions and the country at large of the recommendations of Justice Benjamin Odoki and Prof. Fredrick Ssempebwa’s Constitution Review Commission to be implemented as soon as yesterday if we want our regions and country at large to develop. With Mayiga’s communications skills, diplomacy, lobby, and advocacy, I believe this can be achieved and everyone especially the young generation would find Uganda livable.

Although the anti-Buganda drunkards fought against the Etofaali Project which was carried out locally and internationally and later on called off, its success towards the completion of Masengere and Muganziwazza Commercial Buildings plus Kasubi Tombs which are yet to be complete, exposed how great a mobilizer and leader who Mayiga is.

I believe Mayiga can do the same to rally other regions to advocate for a federal system. Buganda must be proud of Katikkiro Mayiga.

By Denis Mugonza Waggumbulizi | Advocate, Researcher & Entrepreneur


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