Tumwine Death: Fix this generation’s problems or endure the bitterness, says Kasese NUP leader

The National Unity Platform (NUP) Kasese outspoken leader Mr. Bwambale Frank has come out boldly to castigate President Museveni-led government advising them to immediately fix this generation’s problems or endure its bitterness #WhisperEyeNews

The outspoken politician from Kasese was reacting to mixed reactions of Ugandans on various communications networks following the death of UPDF former commander Elly Tumwine who passed on yesterday in Kenya.

Larger columns of Ugandans took to social media to share their bold feelings following the death of former security minister Elly Tumwine, some posted celebration messages and some went ahead to stage parties across their pockets something that has been condemned by pro-government officials as inhuman and uncalled for.

According to Bwambale many regime henchmen trying to castigate celebrants of the demise of their so-called ‘hero’ have to bare in mind that this world is variant.

“Times change and nothing is constant. You are dealing with a generation that was born post-1986 with challenges that are far different from the generation you encountered during the 1980-85 guerrilla movement,” he said.

He adds, ” The generation that was grateful to the deceased for his so called sacrifices is no more or if it’s still present, it’s simply disappointed with the status quo as they don’t see any huge difference between then and now”.

“In short the very democracy you purportedly fought for has been abused and dispelled by your very selves” he added.

“That’s why it’s important to retire when you still have the goodwill of the people other than imposing yourself on them. The more one clings to power, the more he makes unforgivable mistakes. This is a dot-com era that’s entirely not interested in what ensued in the jungles regardless of what happened there”. He strongly further stated,

“The problems of the 20th century don’t apply in the 21st century. Our era is interested in job creation for the youths, infrastructure development, a functional health care system, transitional/rotational civilian democracy”, Bwambale advised when further asked by Whisper Eye.

Mr. Bwambale concluded and advised further ” You cannot convince this generation to love what they hate and hate what they love! And lastly, the seed of hate you sowed in the community is the very price you are paying. You brewed wine of hate but you can’t withstand its taste”!

Gen Elly Tumwine’s death brings to death of four Uganda’s top officials who have all died in foreign countries drawing reactions to why Ugandans should continue seeking treatment from abroad.

Gen. Elly Tumwine has died in Kenya, Gen. Pecos Kutesa died in India, Prof. Mutebile died in Kenya, and Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah died in the US seeking better healthcare.

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