RIP Gen Tumwine: Look at the UPDF numbers of the first 27 NRA soldiers

Hon. Gen Elly Tumwine – MP was among the brave 27 young men who took up arms and attacked Kabamba in 1981. Today , let’s look at the military numbers of the first 27 NRA soldiers. #WhisperEyeNews

  1. RO/0001 Gen (Rtd) Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (Commander-in-Chief)
  2. RO/0002 (Honorary) Brig Eriya Tukahirwa Kategeya (Deceased)
  3. RO/0003 Capt. William ‘Black’ Mwesigwa (Deceased)
  4. RO/0004 Capt. Valeriano Rwaheru (Deceased)
  5. RO/0005 Capt. Martin Mwesiga (Deceased)
  6. RO/0006 Lt. Mpima Wukwu “KAZIMoto” (Deceased)

7.RO/0007 Lt. Malibo Abwooli (Deceased)

8.RO/0008 Lt. James Karuhanga (Deceased)

9.RO/0009 Capt. James Birihanze (Deceased)

10.RO/00010 Capt. Laiti Omongin (Deceased)

11.RO/00011 Maj. Ahmed Seguya (Deceased)

12.RO/00012 Maj. Fred Nkuranga Rubereza (Deceased)

  1. RO/00013 Capt Wilson Mwangisi (Deceased)

14.RO/00014 Maj. Gen Kahinda Otafiire

15.RO/00015 Maj. Gen Gisa Fred Rwigyema (Deceased)

16.RO/00016 Gen. Caleb Akandwanaho a.k.a Salim Saleh (Retired)

17.RO/00017 Brig. Chef Ali (Deceased)

  1. RO/00018 Lt Gen Ivan Koreta
  2. RO/00019 Capt. Mulle Muwanga (Deceased)
  3. RO/00020 Capt. Shaban Kashanku (Deceased)
  4. RO/00021 Lt. Col. Sam Katabarwa (Deseased)
  5. RO/00022 Lt. Col. Sam Magara (Deceased)
  6. RO/00023 Gen. Elly Tumwine (Deceased)
  7. RO/00024 Brig Julius Chihandae (Retired)
  8. RO/00025 Maj. Hannington Mugabi (Deceased)
  9. RO/00026 Maj. Gen. Pecos Kutesa

27.RO/00027 Col. Fred Mwesigye (Retired)

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