Big Story: 70% of Directors of government agencies come from 3 Western Districts of Uganda, says Hon Munyagwa Mubarak

Former Kawempe South Member of Parliament Hon. Munyagwa Mubarak Sserunga Mugaati gwa Batta has come out to speak about his findings during the time when he was the chairperson of the Committee of Statutory Authorities & State Enterprises (COSASE). #WhisperEyeNews

While speaking during one of the political talk shows on Sunday, the Forum for Democratic Change diehard said that the committee was shocked to find out that 70% of the government agencies directors came from just 3 districts of Western Uganda.

Munyagwa said the level of tribalism in the country is beyond normal adding that most of the directors of these agencies get the top jobs through presidential directives.

Munyagwa added that these directors earn abnormal salaries with hefty allowances yet most of these agencies keep making losses year in and year out hence a burden to the taxpayers.

Munyagwa further added that these directors have all the powers, in turn, employ their relatives and friends regardless of whether they have the academic qualifications fit enough to take on the jobs

Munyagwa cited an example in Uganda Investment Authority where one of the top directors had only a previous experience of being a farm manager and a diploma as his highest qualification yet the office he occupied required one to have a master’s degree minimum.

He also cited another example of the now former Director of Physical Planning at Kampala Capital City Authority – KCCA Moses Kananiira Atwiine who had taken over the office in 2017 and was 2018 found to be unqualified for the position following an investigation by the COSASE committee.

Munyagwa said there are many thousands of incompetent people on jobs in the different government agencies that COSASE may not find out about with Bamuturaki and Atwiine being just the tip of the iceberg.

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