NUP’s Muwada Nkuyingi visits Jailed Ugandans in Dubai, delivers Bobi Wine’s hopeful message

Hon Nkunyingi visits incarcerated Ugandan youths in Dubai prisons, #UgandaNews #News #WhisperEyeNews

The Foreign Affairs Shadow Minister Hon Nkunyingi Muwada looks to be doing his job to the expectation of all Ugandans. After spending a night on the streets of Dubai with homeless and jobless Ugandans, today the Kyadondo East National Unity Platform MP decided to visit Dubai prisons were thousands of Ugandans youths both boys and girls are locked up.

According to Nkunyingi, the incarcerated Ugandans were arrested following the expiry of their visa stay in the country while others had entered the country illegally in such for greener pastures as the situation back home is so bad.

Nkunyingi who managed to speak to the prison manager said that he was informed the authorities were willing to pardon a good number of the prisoners but the incarcerated Ugandans lack the air tickets to fly back home while others lack the required documentation something that the government of Uganda can manage to do if it intervenes.

Nkunyingi has vowed to keep pressuring the government of Uganda to see that it takes her citizens are a priority by making a diplomatic intervention in the matter.

“At Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee l will continue to pressure for Diplomatic intervention. It’s sad many of these realities have been ignored and Ugandans left to suffer.” He said

Every day, 100s of Ugandan youths fly to the UAE in such for jobs for survival as the situation back home keeps stiffening.

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