“I don’t regret being in power for so long.” Gen Museveni

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During an interview with TRT World journalist earlier this month, Commander of the Original National Resistance Army Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni said he does not regret ever taking power by force in 1986 nor does he regret over staying in power for nearly four decades now.

Gen Museveni was answering back to the journalist who asked him about what he regrets or he feels he has not done enough for the country.

Museveni added that the good thing everything is in written ink. What he has achieved is seen and what he has failed is in writing and thus those who will come after him will know where to start from.

Museveni also made it clear that Uganda does not belong to him nor his family and thus Ugandans have to choose a leader they want to steer them to prosperity rubbishing allegations that is in power because of a gun and electoral fraud.

Asked if he is planning to have his son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba take over after him, Museveni said that he only has one vote as a person and thus it will be Ugandans to go to the polls and decide the matter. He however said that he has no right to stop his son from contesting even against him because it is his right as a citizen of Uganda.

He thus rubbished reports that the numerous birthday parties of Gen Muhoozi were aimed at popularizing him and making him known to the electorate as his potential successor.

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