“Government should think of restoring Presidential term limits.” Kiwanda Suubi

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Former State Minister for Tourism who is also the National Resistance Movement – NRM Vice Chairperson Buganda region Hon Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi while appearing on one of the media stations yesterday 11th August said that one of the problems Uganda’s politics is facing is the unclear future of people in power with masses unsure whether they will ever see a peaceful change of power.

According to Kiwanda, the restoration of Presidential term limits will give hope to Ugandans that at a certain point in time, a President will leave and someone else will come in just as it is happening in Kenya.

Kiwanda said that for long, one of the complaints that the opposition has raised is the unforeseen future of life after President Museveni which is true because like in most countries where leaders have overstayed in power, the countries face a lot of challenges transiting from them to the next leaders with most of them waiting just to be forced out of power that causes suffering and anarchy.

Kiwanda added that Kenya learned from the mistakes of its past leaders like the late Daniel Arap Moi who led the country for 24 years and the aftermath of the 2007 elections that led to the death of many people. He said it was in this background that Kenya made clear laws to see that nothing of the sort ever happens in the future.

He said that it could therefore be in good faith for Uganda to learn from its past and restore the Presidential term limits other than waiting for the bad days to happen again like in the 80s when over 1 million people perished in the bush war and properties destroyed that led to the total break down of the country.

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