Uganda’s first organic and eco-friendly diapers and wipes launched

By David Mwanje.

Belly ballot the distributor of authentic Baby-care, Mother-care, Kid-Teen, Maternity, and accessories today launched unveiled Uganda’s first organic and eco-friendly diapers during a glamorous event at Mestil Hotel Kampala. #WhisperEyeNews

Speaking during the luncheon, Dr Sabrina Bakeera Kitaka a paediatrician and head of the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, Makerere University remarked that “Having this product launched today on Mother’s Day is so special. It is a great honour to have been invited and to be here because I am surrounded by many amazing women. I am very confident that this product is indeed an organic product and it’s in sync with our environment. It is not just a fad to push for organic products, it is actually an important issue we need to take seriously.”

The mother of Five added ‘’ The PureBorn theme is so special: Live clean, Give back, and Smile often. Living clean means taking care of your body. Giving back. I think this is one of the most important things. Then smile often. Smiling is one thing that will make you younger for the rest of your life.”

PureBorn was created from a simple ethos. Live clean, give back and smile often. Now known as their happiness formulation, PureBorn has used this ethical ethos to propel itself to amazing heights in less than two years. Now a market leader in the organic nappies category, with a legion of fans in the shape of mums and kids, the brand has proven itself to be one of the most coveted and innovative eco and ethical nappy and wipe brands in the world, dedicated to providing eco-friendly formulas, at affordable prices with the coolest nappy prints!

Over the last 12 months, PureBorn has become a PETA Vegan and Cruelty-free certified organization has secured the Ecocert approval and has grown its footprint across markets and territories. Now available across the Middle East and Europe, Hannah Curran, Founder of PureBorn and serious Mum Boss, has birthed a brand that never sits still and is always striving to give its customers more. Recent months have seen the development of a new eco-packaging, a nappy and wipe subscription model that makes every mum’s life easier, and a new e-commerce website.

Hannah Curran, Founder and CEO of PureBorn said she created PureBorn because there was a clear gap in the market for organic, cost-effective nappies and wipes and as the realities of climate change and global warming start to affect our daily lives more people are paying closer attention to what they are putting on and in their bodies and there has been a shift in perception when it comes to clean living and sustainable practices.

Curran added that the truth is many global brands just can’t keep up with consumer needs in this area and the gap. “I once saw in the nappies and wipes category is now growing within many other lifestyle categories as well,” she said.

PureBorn is dedicated to providing eco-friendly, organic, and sustainable solutions and products to women and children across the globe at cost-friendly prices, across lifestyle categories from fashion to beauty and home because it’s what our planet needs and what Ugandans are ultimately resorting to.

As a lifestyle brand, PureBorn is dedicated to sharing and bringing to the world, solutions that support the needs of this growing collection of consumers and as such has a number of exciting launches in the works for the months ahead.

These include a new beauty range that lives the same eco-ethos that made PureBorn an instant cult favorite and bringing some of the coolest, kindest and sustainable brands, exclusively to its e-commerce platform.

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