To hell: “I have returned the evil 40m cash Bonanza” NUP MP Twaha Kagabo

Bukoto South (Lwengo District) area MP Hon Dr Twaha Kagabo Mzee of the National Unity Platform has said that he has managed to return the 40 million shillings he illegally received following the Party Principal’s directive Hon Kyagulanyi Robert @HEBobiWine. #WhisperEyeNews

Hon Twaha said he and many other opposition MPs each received 40 million shillings from the residential home of the Speaker of parliament Hon Anita Among in appreciation for the passing of a supplementary budget for State House plus the classified expenditure. However the Speaker’s office has forlojg denied the allegations.

Asked whether he returned the money to the Speaker’s house, Hon Twaha stayed mute on the matter but assured the public that the money reached its source.

Hon Twaha also vowed to expose all those in the opposition who took the money but are deliberately refusing to return it giving them a one week ultimatum should they fail to do so.

A few months ago, the public was left frozen after information leaked showing how some members of parliament received shs 40 million as an appreciation for the supplementary budget they passed.

Those in the alleged struggle were left disappointed after learning that some of their leaders in the opposition were party of the syndicate.

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