By felix Biryomumaisho

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Residents of Buheesi village, Ihunga parish, Nyarushanje Subcounty in Rukungiri district are still in shock after a 37-year-old man who had been announced dead and his body was brought home for burial surfaced at his own funeral.

Junior Niwagaba, a resident of Buheesi village, has been working in Mbarara city and his mother was on Tuesday informed that his son had been killed by unknown assailants which forced her to start preparations for burial by going to pick the body from Mbarara.

Tumushabe, says she found it hard to identify the body because it was burnt beyond recognition.

She picked the body and the family that was preparing for burial was shocked after the arrival of their son whom they thought had died.

Confusion had started earlier during burial preparations when one relative called Niwgabas’s Phone and he picked it.

Word quickly spread that the person they considered dead was infact alive and arrangements were made for him to travel home so that they physically confirm the news

According to Niwagaba’s mother, they have obtained permission from authorities, to take back the dead body to Mbarara university hospital mutuary where it had been since they found their son alive, having reached home, during his ‘own’ burial.

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