West Nile in a power blackout again, leaders vow to hold demonstrations

Power consumers in the West Nile districts of Arua, Nebbi, Zombo, and other districts have entered into the second week of a power blackout. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews

The Uganda Electricity Distribution Company (UEDCL) has pegged the misfortune to a problem with a thermal plant located at Ewuata as well the inadequate power which cannot be enough to supply the whole of the West Nile region.

UEDCL also attributed the problem to the uncollaborative land owners who ask for high compensation fees from the company to buy land where the supply lines can be set up.

The unfortunate news has tempted the former member of parliament Hon Bernard Atiku to lose who cools vowing to gang the whole West Nile region to begin demonstrations starting tomorrow Thursday until the problem is resolved.

Hon Atiku has said that the people of West Nile are always taken as second-class citizens with problems they face seen as insignificant but this time the government is going to learn to take them seriously.

As we report, almost the whole of Arua town is in a blackout while some areas are receiving low voltage power that any electrical appliance cannot use.

In Arua hospital, the situation is even worse because the hospital doesn’t have fuel for the standby generator. A medical doctor told this media.

He added that no surgical operations are being carried out due to power outages. But according to the spokesperson of the UEDCL, the only power problem in West Nile will be solved when the construction of more substations is completed which is underway.

Police is yet to come out to clear the air as to whether these demonstrations will go on as planned.

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