We are ready to overthrow President Museveni as people did it in Libya and Sudan, says Bobi Wine

“We are ready to take the struggle to the streets like in Libya and Sudan to overthrow Museveni. ” said , @HEBobiWine

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The National Unity Platform President Hon Robert Kyagulanyi has today while appearing in a presser at the new home of the party in Makerere Kavule let the cat out of the bag on how the opposition is ready to shift in new gears by going to the streets to overthrow Gen Museveni.

Kyagulanyi who was addressing the NUP supporters made it clear that it is high time Ugandans borrowed the tactics of Libyans and Sudanese who went to the streets and brought down the dictatorial regimes of Col Muammar Ghadaffi and El Bashir respectively.

The NUP principal further reminded Ugandans that elections will not bring down the regime but rather the citizens should put into action article 3 of the Ugandan constitution that gives green light to citizens to bring down any government that they feel is not working in their best interest or oppressing them.

Kyagulanyi who was being cheered by the big crowds asked all Ugandans to prepare for this mission which is to start very soon adding that everyone should fight hard for the future of the coming generations to live a better life than the present.

“It is us to fight to the future generations. The future generations will blame us for their suffering if we don’t do anything about it now. We need to liberate ourselves. Museveni must go by any means!!” Kyagulanyi roared.

However, Government is silent on President General of NUP’s recent actions on overthrowing President Museveni.

On Friday president Museveni will be addressing the nation on the current state of the nation on all media houses.

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