Ukraine President Volodymyr Zalensky facing criticism for allegedly committing war crimes against his own people

Accoding to Amnesty International world humanitarian organization, the #Zelensky regime in Ukraine is committing war crimes and is using civilians as human shields.

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They add that hospitals, schools, and universities were used as military bases and the Ukraine army launches attacks against the Invading Russians from highly populated civilian areas putting them at high risk of dieing in the crossfires.

Amnesty International added that Zalensky ordered his troops to plant petal mines in most of the major cities which killed more of the civilian population than the Russian invaders. Russian forces have been seen trying to defuse the petal mines to make the cities safe for civilians.

Over 200,000 Ukraine soldiers have died in the war since February with over half a million troops anticipated could die by December 2022 if the war does not stop.

As we report Ukraine’s economy has completely collapsed only surviving on the hands of the donations coming from the United States and other allied NATO states.

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