“Whistleblower to earn 5% of the recovered embezzled money.” IGG Beti Kamya Turwomwe

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The Inspector General of Government Hon Beti Kamya has shifted more gears as far as fighting corruption is concerned in the country.

During the launch of the anti-corruption campaign 2022/23, Beti Kamya let the cat out of the bag that all Whistleblowers will have a 5% benefit if they lead the IGG’s office to a corrupt person.

Kamya says this has been done to motivate Whistleblowers to report the corrupt as much as possible. Kamya added that the Parliament of Uganda has already enacted a Whistleblowers Act where anybody who reports corruption and leads to recovery of money stolen is entitled to 5% of the money recovered.

Kamya said that Uganda’s news media the Daily Monitor will be the first beneficiary as the paper recently led the IGG’s office to recover UGX 9B from the Ministry of Agriculture Animal, Industry and Fisheries staff and thus will receive 450M as the whistleblower’s entitlement.

Kamya is yet to face tougher times after being warned by Gen Museveni to go slow on the corrupt as she could force them to take away the money from Uganda instead of investing it here.

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