Video: DP NEC endorses NRM – DP cooperation agreement, calls for dialogue and unity for Uganda’s transition

Democratic Party National Executive Committee has endorsed a newly signed cooperation agreement with the ruling National Resistance Movement Party.

President @NorbertMao revealed this at a dinner party held last Friday at Serena international hotel.

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Whisper Eye Review:

  • The National Management Committee (NEC), the sub-committee of the National Executive committee of the Democratic Party, has given the green light to cooperate with the ruling party NRM for a period until the cooperation stands.
  • The National Management Committee (NMC) which is the Sub-Organ of the National executive committee has given the oldest party a green light to work with NRM for peace and reconciliation in Uganda.

During the dinner party of the now appointed Minister of Justice and constitutional affairs, Hon Norbert Mao, DP’s organ resolved to formally support the pact.

They vowed to continue the process of uniting Ugandans and other opposition leaders in the country to see that dialogue is tested in the political space.

The Secretary General Dr. Blacks Siranda Gerland introduced the entire leadership of the party including Vice President Mukasa Fred Mbide, Chairman & Speaker Dr. Mayambala a Russia-trained doctor, Deputy Secretary General Christine Mugerwa Kasule, Aisha Waliggo the DP Women leader, Youth leader of DP among other leaders agreed to endorse the pact that has already been signed by the DP top leadership and NRM top leadership.


DP Leaders celebrate Norbert Mao appointment as Minister of Justice and constitutional affairs #UgandaNews #Uganda #news

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DP leaders celebrate Norbert Mao appointment

According to NRM Secretary General Hon Todwong Richard, the DP -NRM cooperation was approved and signed between the top principals of the parties after a long consultation period.

“Power belongs to the people, but for the 34 years we have kept the section of these people without accessing the power to take decisions on behalf of the country, the party is behind the pact, ” Vice President Mukasa Fred Mbide said as quoted by Whisper Eye Reporter.

Following the endorsement, the DP party is expected to notify its people country wide by moving throughout the country and will ensure it talks to other political parties to give dialogue a chance and what Norbert described as a new Uganda.

A section of DP Leaders mainly from the Kampala branch denounced president general Norbert Mao and secretary general Gerald Siranda’s position after they signed a cooperation agreement with the National Resistance Movement party.

Many boycotted his dinner party and have embarked on a process of collecting signatures to cause a party delegates conference to elect new leaders as soon as possible. 

DP is the oldest political party in the country.

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