New Front: Bobi, Wine, Kizza Besigye finally combine to overthrow President Museveni

Bobi Wine, Kizza Besigye finally agree that elections will not shift power from those who captured it with guns to the people of Uganda. #WhisperyeNews #UgandaNews

Today almost all top leaders and influencers in the opposition have met at Hotel Africana where they signed a joint opposition statement about the alleged election malpractices in the country.

For the first time, National Unity Platform leader Hon Kyagulanyi Robert agreed with Dr Kizza Besigye that an election can not oust Gen Museveni out of power at the same venue 3 years ago where Kyagulanyi attacked Besigye accusing him of standing 4 times and then telling the world that elections do not work.

During that time, Bobi wine strongly believed that elections actually worked hence his participation in the polls in 2021 left him cursing, wounded, disappointed, and in total regrets.

During the occasion today, Dr. Besigye said that the struggle that the country must undertake is to regain power and influence by shifting power from those who captured it to those who don’t have it. He added that those with power override whatever law is there and do what they want.

Hon Kyagulanyi said that Ugandans cannot pretend not to see that Gen Museveni organizes elections, but in a real sense, organizes a fight where he is over-equipped, and his opponents are zero-equipped. He added that an election should be more for sensitization than for winning especially when it is more clear that Museveni decides days, sometimes months, who the winner will be.

Kyagulanyi further added that Political parties are recognized in a democracy, but in a country where you cannot even organize as political parties, you cannot boast of being political parties.

The Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who has also been present said that the opposition rejects the results of the Soroti East by-election, as it doesn’t reflect the will of the people. He added that the election does not in any way meet the standards of the Constitution, and it was a mockery of democracy.

He further added that he insists the provisions of Article 3 give Ugandans a clear way forward on what we should be doing. Article 3 of the constitution of Uganda gives citizens the right to overthrow a government that they feel has not done what is required by participating in demonstrations.

Time will definitely tell if the opposition can wither the storms and temptations and stand together for long to forge an alliance that can take on Gen Museveni’s NRM.

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