Climate Change: Floods kill dozens as property worth billions destroyed in eastern Uganda after a heavy downpour

By Mugonza Andrew

About 20 people confirmed killed by floods and property worth billions of money destroyed in Mbale City by floods after a heavy downpour which led river Nabuyonga burst its banks. #ClimateChange #UgandaNews #ClimateAction #WhisperEyeNews

Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) officer Sam Chemulindwa is among those killed by the floods and his body was recovered and other three bodies.

Residents told Whisper Eye News that the situation was terrible, and they are looking looking for the bodies of their beloved ones who perished.

Ivan Masaba one of the leaders in Mbale tasked the government to immediately send relief to families.

“My deepest sympathies to the families that have encountered death, injuries, and lost property due to flooding by the trans-last night rains, along the Wanale, Namasho, and Nabuyonga river banks, in both Mbale City and Mbale district,” says Mr. Masaba.

“It’s horrible in Namakwekwe, Nabuyonga, Namabasa, Busamaga and along the slopes. We need to conserve the environment,” he explained.


Floods kill dozens as property worth billions destroyed in eastern Uganda#Floods #climatechange #weather

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Video on how floods destroyed and killed dozens in Mbale

Climate activists have warned the Kampala government to take a bold step towards conserving the environment since climate change is real.

According to environmentalists floods are caused by Soil retrogression and Wetland degradation around river banks.

Many river banks have been degraded by farmers that cultivate them to plant various crops and those who construct buildings for settlement.

They have warned the government that the worse is yet to come, provided that the situation remains the same unless climate action is taken.

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