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Emergency Update on Disasters in Mbale, Sironko, & Kapchorwa.


Heavy and extended rains started about 8pm on 30th July 2022 in Eastern Uganda leading to flooding in the areas of Mbale, Kapchorwa, and Sironko.

📌 Mbale

7 People dead

Areas most affected: Namabasa, Bugwere Cell, Bungoko subcounty (in 3 villages)

Redcross deployed 2 ambulances to support Emergency evacuations,
20 Response Action Teams deployed to support rapid needs assessment.

📌 Kapchorwa
3 dead, 4 injurred and referred to Kapchorwa main hospital.

1 ambulance deployed to support emergency evacuations, and 10 Response Action Teams deployed to support Rapid Needs assessment.

Areas most affected: Kapsida subcounty, Chemalim village, Tuyobei Parish.

📌 Sironko district
Most affected areas:
Villages around Sironko Town Council, Bukise S/C, Busambya, Bumukha, Doko, Nabirete, Dorcus, Bukiyende, Namirende.

No. of people affected: Households 480.
No death, or reported injuries.

📌 Bulambuli district
Areas affected include Dwikhonge S/C, Duwadwala Parish: Villages of Diwadwala, Busiyango, Buyakha, Bunabalayo, Kori, Sipi, Bumugoya,
Labongo S/C: Mpumbura parish, Muyende S/C

No death reported, no injuries.

Households 672

📌 Bukedea

Areas affected include Busano Village, Aminit Sub-County

Data on households and people affected coming in later.

20 Response Action teams deployed to support rapid needs assessment.

Districts/Areas on high alert: Butalejja, Soroti, Katakwi, Amuria: RCATs on standby to do response, meanwhile, doing community early warning and emergency messages in on safety.
Communities advised to take heed.

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