Mao holds first DP press after being appointed Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, explains DP-NRM cooperation agreement

The newly appointed Minister of justice and constitutional affairs Hon @norbertmao who also doubles as the president general of the Democratic Party has today held his first DP media press after being appointed Minister under NRM ruling government. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews

Norbert Mao the former chairman of LC5 Gulu district was calm and explained the controversial cooperation agreement between Democratic Party and the National Resistance Movement.

He explained a few details that led to the signing of the agreement most importantly, the national dialogue that will allure the building blocks of Uganda to come together and craft a new consensus on how Ugandans can live together in peace.

He said, “It is true that the current climate is not conducive to dialogue. We cannot wait for a good climate”, That is why farmers do irrigation. You do whatever you can so that the crops don’t die.

” Being in government means that you no longer have to speak through the press conferences or shout on radios because you have the opportunity to talk to decision-makers” he added. It will be our duty to make recommendations to the President of Uganda, he continued to state.

He also called upon DP leaders with good ideas to show up and come up with recommendations on alternative policies on issues of national dialogue, and presidential transition, among others since now they have a clear mandate.

In his address, he claimed that President Museveni is not known for signing anything with civilians but he only signs with armed groups but as Mao Museveni has signed his cooperation agreement.

He disclosed that it’s the youthful people who should support this idea because if there is war, they are the ones who are going to fight it. In case the economy is destroyed, they are the ones who will suffer., he lamented.

President Mao revealed that this cooperation is a new trend for Uganda, but it is not a new trend in the world.

He cautioned those splitting hairs about what will and won’t work, that as Mao, he welcomes their criticism.

A smiling former MP also saluted the DP management committee for not leaking the information about the cooperation agreement for over one year.

In the turn of events by press time few members of the Democratic Party had signed a petition asking the Secretary General of the party Mr. Gerland Siranda to urgently convene the National Executive Council to discuss the cooperation agreement between DP and President Museveni’s ruling government.

Click here to read the full cooperation agreement

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