Mao – Museveni marriage: Mockery of DP’s Truth and Justice ideal – Bowers Mugabi Kaweesa

The dramatic appointment of Norbert Mao as Minister of Justice brings the hitherto underground
marriage between M and M to its logical, unavoidable, and yet chilling conclusion. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews #Uganda

Mr. Museveni partially consolidates his power and his totalitarian, exclusive dictatorship completely overwhelms the Democratic party’s ideal of Truth and Justice. Museveni and Mao, among other defectors, have become bedfellows, quite indistinguishable from the past leaders whom they had replaced and denounced.

The significance of this marriage is now entirely clear: the historical Mao, who was a brilliant Guild
President at Makerere and then a vibrant MP for Gulu Municipality, originally appeared to be a great
liberator of the suffering Acholi people, overcoming dire challenges as he fraudulently became the
president of DP, to the chagrin of the diehards, Betty Nambooze and the Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago.
Rather than destroying the aristocracy of Museveni, Mao simply remade it for selfish ends.

Now, his earlier shameless utterances to the other opposition groups are being weighed, though belatedly, by the people who used to mock Lukwago and Nambooze. The people now realize that the treachery foretold by the brilliant Kimaanya MP Dr. Abed Bwanika has come to fruition.

Although the descent into this marriage has been gradual, the indicators were crystal clear from the day
Mao plunged DP into a “kawundo kakubye eddirisa” elopement with Amama Mbabazi 7 years ago.

Ironically, he goes to the Justice Ministry! The terror in this betrayal is the succinct conveyance of the DP
slogan, Truth and Justice, manifesting DPs total loss of power and entitlement. A new class of oppressors
of justice has been created from the very people who profess but are allergic to truth. Such demagogues
as Mao are badly needed by Museveni because they are good at manipulating the spoken word as an
instrument of control.

The concept of inherent truth and justice has given way to notions of material entitlement. The leaders no longer value dignity and social justice; power alone renders them worthy of rights. Unfortunately for DP, the leader they entrusted power with has literally stepped into the bed of their oppressor. And Dr Lulume Bayiga was right to denounce Mao.

According to Toba Beta, if you are betrayed, release the disappointment at once. By that way, the bitterness has no time to take root.

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