Panic, tears in DP camp as Mao commits party to Gen Museveni

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There is panic, tears, curses, regrets, and shame among die-hard members of the Democratic Party Uganda as its president Nobert Mao decided to hand over the oldest party in Uganda’s politics to the commander of the National Resistance Army Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Mao who was accompanied by his secretary General Gerald Siranda put ink on paper signing a Memorandum of cooperation with Gen Museveni at the Statehouse.

However, sources within the state house have confirmed to Whisper Eye News that it was not a mere Memorandum of cooperation but an absolute hand over of power and authority to General Museveni to oversee and dictate the affairs as well as operations of the party.

It was also confirmed that money exchanged hands worth millions of dollars, as well as Gen Museveni, assured Gerald Siranda a slot in the East African Legislative Assembly.

Former DP member who crossed to the National Unity Platform Hon Mp Nambooze Bakireke Betty had for long accused Mao of going to bed with the NRM. Yesterday using her Twitter handle said that for her she has for long known that Mao was planning to sell off the party to Gen Museveni because he is a treasure hunter and a pest whose aim was to destroy the party.

Mao has not yet come out to explain the real details of the cooperation with Gen Museveni as his known contacts are off.

According to some DP members, no party meeting and resolution was passed to give Mao the green light to enter an agreement on behalf of the party with anyone.

Mao has for long been urging the opposition parties to, first of all, join the IPOD and also dialogue with Gen Museveni for the better of Uganda than using anti-people technics to oust Museveni from power.

However, the DP constitution does allow its president to corporate with the government and then cause meeting with the central executive committee of the party to decide if they should support the idea or not.

We shall keep you posted.

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