Meet: Mulongo Musoga the quiet hero of Rwanda’s genocide staying in Kyotera

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In this turn, we profile Mulongo Musoga who donated his prime land for the burial of over 3000 floating dead bodies on lake victoria during the Rwandan genocide.

  • Mulongo offered prime land to bury victims and a monument under which lays the remains of more than 3000 civilians brutally during the Rwanda Genocide.
  • He is portrayed in many and was issued a certificate of recognition in 2013 by the government of Rwanda for recognition of voluntary service as a volunteer removing bodies from Kagera River and Lake Victoria during the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

Many have come out as heroes in various news outlets in the fight against Rwanda genocide in 1994.

On 10th July 2022 on a routine visit to Kasensero Landing site in Kyotera district there lives a man at Kanaburemu village where hundreds of Rwanda genocide victims are buried, yes in a mass grave.

An old man in an ancient look-alike flat old house just adjust to thes Kasensero Memorial Site graveyard, In the house Mr. Mulongo Musoga, very knowledgeable smiles in appreciable of a darling.

It’s known that after 100 days it was estimated that over one million human life was lost in brutal killings at the hands of extremist people.

A certificate of recognition issued in 2013 by the government of Rwanda to Mulongo Musoga

Many newsrooms do write about how people safeguarded lives in their shelters in their possession. In Buganda culture which isn’t different from Rwanda culture respect for the dead is always paramount when the dead are offered a beneficial burial in attendance of their family, friends, and the community which sheds some peace on the grieving loved ones.

While the extremist went house to house searching for people to kill, Mulongo Musoga commonly referred to as Mugenyi something am yet to ask why was among the fairly old men by then in his 60s who offered a huge prime land to a beneficial burial for hundreds of bodies flooding on Lake Victoria.

Musoga by then witnessed hundred of bodies flood directly on Lake Victoria in black polythene bags, some shirtless every passing hour in hundreds.

Offering his Prime land for the burial of more than 3000 people during the genocide was something he says he did without even thinking about why. According to him, it just had to be done.

When I asked him, he said “oh u need to return here I have a lot I can tell you, son”, he said he witnessed something he will never forget in his life as an elder by then.

While Musoga is known for his heroism, I asked him if it was okay to write about his story for his good deeds, he reminded me, that yes am well known in Rwanda and Tanzania and always these stories have always featured on various news sites.

“I have many stories, always whites do visit me”, he said. He also informed us the, he has done great for this world and that has very many stories in his heart for the life he has lived.

On his wall fence, a certificate of recognition from the Rwanda government is well placed for the service he rendered in 1994.

This Kasensero Memorial Site 

He is also a father who is proud of many children, those he adopted after they lost their parents.

As the Chinese say ” Man who waits for roast duck to fly into mouth must wait a very very long time “, Mr. Musoga spoke about patience and the love of God! Mulongo spoke about his life now, as a church choir member, becoming forgetful due to old age.

Speaking to Whisper Eye, area Member of parliament Geoffrey Lutaaya described Mulongo as one of those exemplary people in Uganda, he said: “the one you can look up to like a hero because of the huge prime land he donated willfully that he will never use again, neither his children nor relative”.

“our siblings were rested there and they will be there forever and ever, but you see people fight for a small piece of land and wonder,” said Kakuuto MP.

” This man should be appreciated and named a hero when still a live he is a true definition of a patriot this country has “, Mp Lutaaya added.

Throughout the few minutes of talk, the old man greeted every visitor by hand, he was able to recognize most of them despite his old age taking atoll on his memory, this seemingly patient, quiet man who had seen the worst of humanity playing out in front of his very own eyes could still smile and still believe in the best in people.

He shoewd the power of moral courage and bravery during a time of severe chaos and devastation. 

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