NUP to boycot EALA elections, we can’t work with NRM, says Lewis Rubongoya


The National Executive Committee of the National Unity Platform that sat on the 15th and 16th of July 2022 in Namanve came up with a number of resolutions with boycotting the coming elections of East African Legislative Assembly as one of them.

NUP said that it will not be fronting a candidate inthe coming elections blaming the ruling party the NRM of wanting to have a hand to decide which members should represent the country in EALA.

Uganda has 9 slots with the ruling NRM taking 6 while the opposition takes 2 and the remaining seat is handed over to the independents.

Since EALA elections are conducted by members of parliament where NRM has an absolute numerical strength, NUP says the whole process is vague because Gen Museveni and the NRM will caucus and hence decide who should go to EALA on all the 9 slots.

Our sources within NRM informed us that the yellow party is going to support the Democratic Party Uganda Secretary-general Gerald Siranda so as he takes one of the two opposition slots. This media was informed that the DP President Hon Nobert Mao struck a deal with Gen Museveni where he asked him to support his party’s Secretary-general Siranda to represent Uganda in EALA. However it is not clear what Mao was giving Museveni in return for the favor.

There had been rumors that NUP was planning to front its own Secretary-general David Lewis Rubongoya who in 2016 unsuccessfully tried to go EALA while still diehard member of the NRM. However the resolution dilutes the allegations now.

NUP also resolved to take the matter to the East African Court of Justice dragging the NRM to the court for interfering with the whole process.

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