Bad days as Unknown people kill NRM boss, Kampala Councillor in Kamwokya

Bad days as NRM boss, Kampala Councillor is killed by unknown people in Kamwokya.

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The area Councillor of Kamwokya II B, to Kampala central division Mr Kakooza James has been murdered in cold blood today morning as he was on morning road work at Garden City near Centenary Park.

Kakooza James who was the National Resistance Movement (NRM) flag bearer defeated National Unity Platform (NUP) candidate Mr Bwambale to represent Kamwokya II B, which has Church Area Zone, Contafrica (which NUP informal sector secretary Mr Nyanzi Ssentamu Fred comes from), and Kisenyi I Zone (Where NUP headquarters are situated).

The killers waited for Mr Kakooza (deceased) while on road work early morning today (Saturday), hit him on the head, and died on the sport.

Before he was elected Kamwokya II B councillor, Kakooza was L.C 1 chairman of Church Area Zone and later L.C II chairman of Kamwokya Parish.

According to residents of Kamwokya, Chairman Kakooza became a household name in Kamwokya when he took it upon himself to fight criminal gangs that had started killing residents of Kamwokya.

“Chairman Kakooza at one point knew all spoilt boys in Kamwokya and would speak to their parents or warn them to leave Kamwokya for their own good,” says Mr Dennis Tumuhairwe a resident of Kamwokya.

“He would patrol the whole of Kamwokya at night hunting for thieves as we residents slept in our beds,” he added.

Mr Kakooza would know all the wrong elements in the areas and you had to just describe your attacker and Kakooza would automatically know exactly who it was according to Kamwokya residents.

“He would then start hunting for them arrested and physically exchanged blows with them,” Mr Tumuhairwe said.

“Many hard-core criminals who had murdered residents were killed in the process and many others were sentenced to prison because Kakooza would follow up and testify in court. The once feared Kamwokya gained some sanity because of one man,” he explained.

Residents intimated to Kamwokya-based thugs told Whisper Eye News that many thugs after serving prison sentences threatened to revenge on Kakooza one day but no one knew the day would be today.

“Kamwokya will surely never be the same without Kakooza, this is why he will be missed by all despite being a staunch NRM Cadre,” residents say.

The ruling NRM has lost one of the strong leaders in Kampala who defeated NUP hands down in their backyard.

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