Video: Shock! Masaka Woman MP Namutaawe Joan struggles to compose a single English sentence in parliament causing mixed reactions

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As members of the public are still struggling with lamentations on the rising commodity prices most especially the fuel prices, Ugandans will not always fail to find comfort in their daily criticism of their leaders, Whisper Eye Reports.

Hon Joan Namutaawe found a rough time in parliament addressing the house in English as she struggled to find any vocabulary to construct an English sentence in her critical submission.


Update: Masaka Woman MP Joan Namutaawe struggles to pronounce a single English Word

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Shock Masaka Woman MP Namutaawe Joan struggles to compose a single English sentence in parliament causing mixed reactions

In a video ( click on TikTok to watch ) that has since gone viral on social media platforms, the young member of parliament was addressing the issue and state of his constituency where she said that the people elected him to represent them and to give them the very best.

Clad in a black suit with a white paper ” ohh no ” And the public service to recruitment, too recruitment, I want too, I request the ministry of education, public, the house” the Youthful MP said.

“Right Honourable Speaker my players, I request the ministry of education and the public service on recruitment of teacher at school” the MP continued to struggle to speak English.

After this, she failed to construct another sentence in English as the other members sat to listen and let her finish his statement.

The courageous Joan drew protection from Speaker Tayebwa amidst peals of laughter of course from her fellow MPs, despite the speaker’s assurance of protection efforts she continued to struggle in English however making her point of a school which was constructed in Masaka her area of jurisdiction but until now no teachers have been deployed by the authorities.

This embarrassing moment comes weeks after the speaker of the arms of government Anita Annet Among said that various Members of parliament miss house sittings but continue to draw salaries.

Joan Namutaawe an independent candidate but a member of the National Unity Platform who failed to secure then a much though NUP ticket made her point amidst the howl of the fellow members of parliament”

Her video while she struggles with English submission on the floor of parliament continues to trend on various social media, Masaka residents where she hails from, are not amused but discussions among her peers and various groups take the course.

Many analysts continue to ask leaders and authorities concerned to increase the training of leaders in debates that will improve leaders’ confidence in meetings for the interest of the communities

Although Uganda is dominated by the Luganda language the country continues to embrace English and recently adopted official Swahili as the official languages.

Joan Namutaatwe describes herself as a leader passionate about the empowerment of children and women.

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