UPC warns govt on hunger spreading throughout Uganda

In a press release received from Muzeyi Faizo on Whisper Eye desk, UPC has come out to warn NRM led government on the looming hunger among Ugandans.#WhisperEyeNews

“For time immemorial, our motherland has depended solely on agriculture as a back bone” UPC states.

“As we speak now, Uganda is experiencing extreme hunger and famine in the North-Eastern, Karamoja”, UPC says.

According to media reports, both livestock and people are struck by hunger and famine conditions thus leading to death in the wake of cattle rustling in the said sub region.

This looming hunger is very unfortunate and calls for urgent intervention by the government and other humanitarian urgencies to come to the immediate rescue of our people with food items most especially in the areas of Karamoja where the situation is worse! , UPC warns.

According to Muzeyi a UPC media person, the food shortage is now extending to Teso, Acholi, Lango and West-Nile sub regions and other parts of the country which is life threatening.

This is coming at a time when people are struggling with skyrocketing prices of almost all commodities and still suffering the consequences of covid 19 pandemic and its related constraints which include but not limited to the lockdown.

UPC has noted with concern that the dry spell is currently a general problem across the country due to climate change that is brought about by deforestation and encroachment on wetlands hence the disastrous effects being faced as a country.

“And if the issue of climate change is not handled adequately, the situation may get out hand and Uganda would not wish to be moved in that direction! UPC, therefore, urges Government to effectively arrest the issue of climate change with the utmost attention by leading by example to encourage people plant more trees as well as preserving the environment, water bodies, soils, swamps and forests which are key for sustainable agricultural productivity.”, said Muzeyi.

However, If not the aforementioned human activities, Uganda is naturally well endowed with good soils, vegetation, climate and weather and located at the heart of the equator compared to other countries! This ought to put us as country in a commanding position to boost and produce enough food throughout the year with the available rainfall all the year round, Mizeyi urged.

Incredibly, all the national budgets since 1986 have never funded Agriculture beyond 5% of the national budget of our country, Uganda! Yet Maputo declaration on Agriculture demands that all countries should spend at least 13% of their national budgets towards Agriculture. The UPC mouthpiece continued to add.

He stated, “This is in line with Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You can only achieve such goals by investing heavily in such key sectors like agriculture which is the back bone of this country”,

“And to come out of food insecurity, let the country put enough resources in Agriculture, revolutionise or modernize farming using appropriate science and technology”, he said before he concluded .

In conclusion he said “this will witness increased production of agricultural produce. To achieve all this, it demands for proper planning and resource allocations with supportive agencies that are critical for a successful green revolution.

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