Mixed reactions as NRM invites FDC’s Stella Nyanzi to a diaspora convention meeting in Munich as a panelist

Last month we reported to you how activist Kakwenza caused the cancellation of the NRM diaspora meeting in a public place in Germany when he wrote to the area mayorship. #WhisperEyeNews #Uganda #UgandaNews

Today Stella Nyanzi through her Facebook channel shared an invitation letter showing how an organization in charge of the upcoming NRM convention diaspora invited her to attend as a guest and a panelist.

In the letter, it states, that Uganda Association Munich in partnership with the National Resistance Movement (NRM) chapter Germany Munich would like to invite you to attend and join the panel discussion on the topic “current political atmosphere in Uganda” at the upcoming NRM Diaspora League convention which will take place in Munich Germany on July 16, 2022. with the theme – Theme: Cultivating a future for Uganda, transforming NRM in Diaspora.

The NRM Secretary General Rt Hon Richard Todwong will be the guest of honour and will be accompanied by NRM Secretaries Director External -diaspora affairs Major Rtd Pollar Awich and other government officials, the letter continues to state.

We further feel that this is an opportunity for Ugandans with divergent views from that of govt including your good self to come and express it. we do request and hope that you will be civil and nonviolent as you make your submission. Its further hoped that this is an occasion where your views will directly reach the top leadership in Uganda., it added.

The same letter signed by Micheal Lwanga as the organizing Chairman notes ” this convention is not only for NRM fans but is open to all Ugandans to come and share their views with the ruling party leaders”

Dr. Stella Nyanzi has now asked his followers if she can attend the convention, ” Yesterday, I received an invitation to the (re-scheduled) first NRM Diaspora Convention in Munich Germany. Should I go or should I not go?”

The invitation letter came a few days after I bumped into the chairman of Uganda Association Munich-UGAM-e.V. Germany at a book launch over the weekend. After he advertised the revised date of their initial schedule, I invited him to sit with me and talk., Stella Narrates

She continues to narrate, “We talked. We spoke Luganda. I asked him why a handsome guy like him can support the ugly brutal corrupt dictatorship misgoverning Uganda. I told him, I was working with others who are opposed to the spreading of dictator Museveni’s ideology in Uganda and the diaspora. He told me it was impossible for anyone to stop the NRM diaspora convention from sitting in Munich. I told him I want to attend the convention with the objective of debating, criticizing, and condemning the egregious atrocities committed in Uganda for four 36 years. He said I was welcome to attend.

And so, after opposing this convention, I am now an invited panelist to the re-scheduled event. My people, should I go or should I reject the invitation? , Dr. Stella Asked.

The comments continued to flow, Peace commented, that, ” Please go and speak your mind. Someone might have a change of heart. Some people do not really know the actual dare situation we are in. Go speak ”

Manya also advised Stella, “Go and express yourself Dr. Stella Nyanzi, if you want to change minds and have people see things from your perspective then you must sit with those who hold a different perspective. Communication is power, Debate is power”. Stella replied, ” how does one debate with those who defend murderers of unarmed civilians?”

And, Nassimbwa Hamidah told Stella Nyanzi don’t go, those guys move with poison everywhere..Stella replied to her and said “

By Press time Dr. Stella was yet to show cause if she will consider the views and comments of her followers on the intended NRM-led convention.

Born 16 June 1974 Dr. Stella Nyanzi is described as a Ugandan human rights advocate, poet, medical anthropologist, feminist, and queer rights advocate among others.

We shall keep you posted.

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