Sgt Bobi Wine unveils new NUP Headquarters at Makerere Kavuule in Ghetto

NUP’s kingpin together with other Nup leaders and a mammoth of Nup supporters has unveiled a new site that is going to house their national headquarters. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews

The land that is situated at Makerere Kavule Kawempe division was purchased by the National Unity Platform to house their headquarters as Kamwokya-based offices were very small to accommodate the rapidly growing party.

In his speech, Kyagulanyi Sentamu reminded the masses not to lose hope, trust and his style of doing things which he termed the Rabadab style.

Kyagulanyi Ssentamu told NUP crowds that it’s this style that has enabled them to get land under the sleepy watching eyes of the sleepy dictator and it’s the tactics he will use the unseat the dictator such that the ghetto youths of Bwaise will also swim in the swimming pool of the White House

Bobi Wine has thanked all the elected leaders who mostly contributed to the purchase of this property because it’s the money they give to the party every end of the month that has been used to achieve this fit of success.

Speaking to the masses LOP Mathias Mpuuga congratulated Bobiwine and the National Unity Platform upon this success and thanked him for being a good and lucky leader because whatever he touches flourishes.

Amongst the speakers, Secretary-General David Lewis Rubongoya thanked the newly formed mobilization Wing”Kunga” which has also done a tremendous job to bridge Nup in all parts of Uganda he has further stated that a lot is going on successfully in the party and notably to note is the amendment of the NUP constitution which is almost coming to an end.

Kudos National Unity Platform.

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