Don’t worry about insecurity” – Museveni assures Ugandan business people willing to trade in DRC

President Yoweri Museveni has assured of security to all Ugandan business people willing to take on the fertile market in the Democratic Republic of Congo. #WhisperEyeNews #Uganda #UgandaNews

In a video posted on his Twitter handle on Monday morning, President Museveni said there is no insurgence in East Africa that will be left to threaten the lives of local people since all East African countries have agreed to work together and ensure peace and security within the entire region.

“Those of you who have raised questions of insecurity and sustainability of Uganda-DR Congo trade I would like to assure you that the East African community now has a solution to this problem. Working together we have established an East African standby force. This is a major breakthrough for us to act together against the paviors of lawlessness and deal with legitimate issues affecting Eastern Congo,” President Museveni said.

He added that both Uganda and the Congolese governments have opened up safe roads where goods will be transported from Uganda to DR Congo.

“We have also opened some roads inside DRC with cooperation with the Congolese government and they are motorable even before the ones we had agreed with the government of DRC to tarmac. The current motorable security roads are Rwebisengo, Semliki, Mbooga, Chabi-Kikayinama 78km. Businga, Mukakati, Semliki bridge beni joining Kikayinama 72km. The roads that will be tarmacked based on the agreement with the DRC will include; Kasindi-Ben-Butembo highway and Bunagana- Rukyulu-Goma highway.”

“We shall handle all these issues because this is what NRM preaches.”

President Museveni’s assurance of security follows the DRC-Uganda business summit held from 30th May to 3rd June in Kinshasa and 6th to 8th June 2022 in Goma, DRC.

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