Big Story: Police fire live bullets & teargas as Ugandans protest skyrocketing commodity prices

Today Police & Security forces battled numbers of Ugandans protesting skyrocketing commodity prices. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews #Uganda

The protesting took place in Eastern parts of Uganda earlier today in Kamuli, Jinja and some parts of Iganga highway, Whisper Eye News reports.

Update : Ugandans protests skyrocketing prices.

Police and security fired live bullets and teargas to stop angry residents of Jinja in Mafubira, Namulesa and Buwenge Town Council from protesting.

The government is yet to react on protests.

More protests in Jinja over high commodity prices continued by the youthful community.

In areas of Buwenge on the Jinja – Kamuli road by press time security was battling re-incoming protests as the protestors fixed barricades on roads and burning tires.

The protests began in the morning at Namulesa then Mafubira and now Buwenge!

A number of protestors have been arrested since morning by security forces.

Area police condemned the acts of protestors inciting that they stopped flow of traffic as many were laying big stones to stop cars from moving freely.

More details to follow.

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