Makerere guild race 2022 : Norbert Mao parades Namirembe Blessious as UYD guild candidate

Norbert Mao @norbertmao parades @namirembebless “Namirembe Blessious” as @UYDOfficial “UYD” guild candidate 2022. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews #Uganda

What you need to know and learn:

  • Namirembe Blessious was declared as the UYD Official’s flag bearer for the Makerere Guild race 2022 with 49 votes against Kisomose Emmanuel who got 4 votes while the other two contenders got 0 votes.

As the Makerere University guild election races heat up the longest political party in Uganda, Democratic Party through its president Norbert Mao has unveiled its candidate for the coming elections.

Norbert Mao parades Namirembe Blessious as UYD guild candidate 2022. Whisper Eye Reports

The President-General of the Democratic Party (DP) has endorsed and unveiled Namirembe Blessious as its official candidate of the presidential aspirants for Makerere University guild government.

At the weekly DP presser, the aspirant was endorsed by Norbert Mao who praised Namirembe a student of the Bachelor of Science in Education for her strong love for the party, “She is very intelligent and will add value to Makerere” Norbert Mao said.

This happened when she went to the party headquarters at the city house in Kampala

 Namirembe is a passionate action oriented leader. she has shared part of his courage with us and her team,” Former Guild President Mao .added.

Makerere University guild elections have always been competitive. This year, about six candidates are contesting for the same slot from DP, FDC. NUP .NRM, ANT among other independent candidates.

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