Bad News for Bobi Wine’s NUP as West Nile NUP leadership joins NRM

It was all jubilation and chest-thumping as the NRM Vice Chairman Eastern Region Mike @Mukulaa unveiled defected NUP top brass officials of the West Nile region who had joined the NRM ruling party. #WhisperEyeNews #Uganda #UgandaNews

On his Twitter handle Mike joyfully broke the news and welcomed the former NUP diehards to the ruling party and vowed to wipe opposition out of the Eastern region which he leads.

The team that was led by Isaac Yakibua denounced NUP leadership and vowed to champion the NRM manifesto in the Eastern Region.

However, the news was not received well by other NRM diehards and sympathizers as most of them openly aired out their dissatisfaction with the way Captain Mike is doing his work and some labeled him as a con man.

Speaking to Whisper Eye one of NRMs’ staunch mobilizers Isa Kato had this to say “Instead of focusing on things that develop Uganda, My Man has decided to be playing these cheap Politics? What came of Hon. Mukula? I respect him but he should focus on implementing govt programs and guiding people out of poverty. What does bringing back a NUP mobilizer bring to the table? They are bribing such guys and never support NRM mobilizers”.

The NUP secretariat has not come out to speak about the current development however some sympathizers of NUP have come out to call this a stunt and they put it that Mukula always said Nup is a central party so how is he getting Nup mobilizers from West Nile Region.

Whisper Eye to keep you posted.

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