Song Review: Dax Vibez “Vibe Kyekyo” dominates Kampala airwaves

The Vibe Rationz studio proprietor @Daxvibes “Dax Vibes” now adds yet another thrilling song dubbed “Vibe Kyekyo”, a smooth Urban Afrobeat song that you will definitely fall in love with, Whisper Eye Reports #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaMusic

The beats at the start of the song put you right where Dax Vibes wants you – in the mood – before he chips in with his trademark voice.

At this point, you’re already feeling the song as he shifts through the first verse which is easy to flow along with just like the chorus.

Oman Rafiki the writer, produced by the talented Eli Arkhis, who has just celebrated 10 years in the game,  Vibe Kyekyo is an easy choice if you just want to feel good about life.

The now hustler’s anthem has received mammoth support from different classes of people including the downtown and uptown audience.

In this banger, Dax Vibes borrowed a leaf from his brother now turned politician Bobiwine and went edutainment where he blended hustle and show biz and this is evidenced in one of his punch lines like, ” Bali mu Kampala bayiliba bayiliba life , party tubelaayo time on time, time on time “.
Loosely translated that in the morning it’s a hustle and at night it’s a party.

The song has also received massive love on Tiktok which is now the hottest social media platform and has helped a lot of musicians gain fame as different tiktokers have made dance challenges of their songs hence making their jams instant hits these include Liam Voice who is termed by many as a Tiktok artist.

The Tiktok wave has also picked up vibe kyekyo as many tiktokers have done a challenge of the song and these include Mickie seems too funny, Bobi Wine Dance Class Yashpoppy among others.

The same song is also picking momentum on YouTube with a little over 14k views in one month.

Kudos Dax Vibes the sky is the limit brother.

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