UPC to govt on Teachers: Explore all avenues to resolve the industrial action

UPC calls upon the government to dialogue with the teachers so as to iron out issues that should stall the industrial harmony. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews #Uganda @MuzeyiFaizo

Industrial actions in Uganda are becoming the order of the day with the government yet to value other key sectors.

The industrial action threatened the government with dismissal from civil service and often they resume work with unsatisfied minds.

Addressing a weekly media conference in Kampala, Wednesday 29th June 2022, Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party said UPC discourages any forms of intimidation to teachers as it may worsen the situation that would be resolved amicably.

“Our appeal was premised on key issues or factors; as a country and rest of the world, we are coming from the covid-19 pandemic and its lockdowns for a period of two years in the case of Uganda”, Muzeyi Faizo , the party’s Head of Media and Communications said at the press conference. 

The re-opening of schools meant teaching and learning in a special way with an abridged curriculum at all levels, which is not an easy task where Teachers had to be first inducted, he added.

Muzeyi added that Now the best hope which is there today is that the Government is dealing with workers (teachers) who are unionized with established leadership and membership. This demands continuous engagement, which are protracted between government and union leaders of teachers.

It is normal for the talks to breakdown or not to come up with an immediate positive alternative depending on the matter, but what is important is the spirit of dialogue and avoiding extreme positions while creating more opportunities for engagement.

At times the industrial actions can shift positions from the table to courts of law and if it does not get resolved, we can see real challenges to the country. This brings a country to a standstill and to resolve it from that level is extremely very difficult.

UPC has learnt that the Government has invited the Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) for further talks as far as the industrial action of teachers is concerned.

As a Party, we welcome such initiatives and that is what the Government ought to have done in the first place as opposed to issuing out threats and warning statements, Muzeyi noted.

UPC hopes for the best from the on-going talks and urges Government to find a lasting solution to all civil servants.

According to the Ministry of Public Service Catherine Bitarakwate, the ministry will hold talks with the teachers and seek an amicably statement.

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